Subdivisions, Private Ways and Condominiums:

Nook Rock Subdivision, Alfred / Lyman

Fox Ridge Run Subdivision, Sanford

Halcyon Estates, Lyman

Hardscrabble Subdivision, Sanford

Cooks Crossing Subdivision, Sanford

Ethan’s Way Subdivision, Sanford

Brookhill Subdivision, Sanford

Keywood Manor Mobile Home Parks, Alfred / Lyman

Burham Estates, Lyman / Dayton

Little Shaker Estates Condominiums, Alfred

Airport Condominiums, Sanford

Kimball Farm Estates Subdivision, Lyman / Arundel

Corridan Estates Subdivision, Lyman

Cross Roads Community Mobile Home Park, Arundel

Country Village Mobile Home Park, Saco

Site Plans:

Ted’s Fried Clams, Shapleigh

Mayflower Place Assisted Living, Sanford

Wild Acres Tent and Trailer Park, Old Orchard Beach

T.D. Banknorth, Sanford

Lowe’s Convenience Store, Alfred for H.A. Mapes, Inc.

Cornish Convenience Store, Cornish, for H.A. Mapes, Inc.

ATC Realty Cell Tower, Alfred

East Waterboro Self Storage, East Waterboro

C.N. Brown Co. Fuel Storage Depot, Alfred

Boundary/Topographic Surveys:

Shapleigh Town Forest, Shapleigh

Waterboro Elementary School, Waterboro

Town of Lyman, Salt Storage Shed, Lyman

Hundreds of Boundary Surveys in York County ranging from 1/2 acre to 200 acres

ALTA / ACSM Surveys:

Dunkin Donuts, Sanford

Sanford Housing Authority, Sanford

Arista Development (Walgreens), Sanford

Ridgewood Maine Hydro Dams, Mousam River, Alfred, Kennebunk, Sanford